Which kind of products are sold or leased by FMB Healthcare?

Our company sells and rents surgical instruments, medical devices and equipment to hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare companies. We offer our supplies in both the public and private sectors.

Our corporate philosophy leads us to listen to the needs of the healthcare world and of those who turn to us in order to find the right and most suitable solution for our customers.

Our supplies are always designed one by one, tailor-made in every aspect.

Surgical Theatre

Dialogue with our customers allows us to identify and anticipate the needs and requirements of all those who contribute to the achievement of the final objective: to improve patient health in the most efficient and effective way possible.

FBM Healthcare, thanks to partnerships with leading companies in the sector, offers a series of solutions, from the most complex “turnkey” set-ups of Integrated Operating Theatres to disposable surgical devices, such as sutures, staplers or sterile disposable kits in non-woven fabric.

  • “Turnkey” operating theatres and fittings: surgical lamps, furniture, cabinets, operating beds
  • Specialist equipment for Surgery, Urology and Gynecology
  • Surgical Devices:
    • Staplers
    • Sutures
    • Disposable devices for urology and gynecology
    • Procedural kits and non-woven sterile covers
    • Surgical suction systems
    • Breast reconstruction meshes
    • General, laparoscopic and specialist surgical instruments
  • Solutions and products for the sterilization of surgical instruments and the disinfection of environments

Regenerative Medicine

Our interest in advanced technologies led us to enter into a partnership with the leading company in the field of regenerative medicine which on many occasions represents a valid alternative to surgery or an additional tool to traditional therapies to support natural tissue repair damaged by various pathologies: osteoarthritis, knee, hip and shoulder joint injuries, tendinopathies.

  • Lipogems: Medical device for the collection and processing of adipose tissue for orthopedic autologous implantation.

Drugs and medicines

Through the consolidated experience of the parent company SSH, concerning primary and secondary pharmaceutical distribution and hospital logistics, FBM Healthcare is able to offer a wide range of services related to drug management within healthcare facilities.

    • Services to hospitals

      • Review of the handbook
        Pharmacoeconomic consultancy with hospital pharmacists
      • Dedicated WEB platform
      • Hospital Logistics
        Warehouse outsourcing
        Reorder management
        Daily deliveries by item
        Emergency management

Customer Assistance

One of the fundamental points of the modus operandi of FBM Healthcare is to provide the necessary after-sales assistance to all its customers. Our internal organization allows us to be able to intervene for any eventuality and at any time. The sale of surgical instruments and medical devices is a delicate and important area. For this reason, we are always at the side of those who trust us.

Cntact us to let us know what you need, when and how. We will find the right answer to your needs.